Lawrite Documents

The Lawrite Documents package has been used by thousands of UK employers for contracts of employment, staff handbooks including all the required HR policies and procedures, contractors agreements, many other HR letters and forms to use when dealing with staff, and health and safety policies and statements.

There is a detailed Guide to Using the Document Templates. There is also an Employment Law Manual, a quick-reference A to Z Guide to Employment Law, an HR Guide for Employers, and a Guide to Health and Safety Law (a total of more than 700 pages of useful guidance).

More information about what you get with your subscription.

Annual subscription including updates

The price paid is for an annual subscription including document and legal updates, when released, and your licence to use the templates with the number of employees in the band chosen. 

Once you have placed your order and made your payment you will be sent two e-mail messages, one confirming the purchase, and one with the download link. The Documents package is a cross-platform file download. The templates are Word docs which open in any word processing app. The law guides are pdf.