Employment law and HR support for employers

All employers need employment law and HR support

All employers – even if they have less than 10 employees - need HR and legal support for help with common workplace issues including:

  • what holidays, work breaks and sick pay their staff are entitled to;
  • how to deal with people who don’t turn up to work on time or who take lots of time off sick;
  • when they can take disciplinary action or legally dismiss employees;
  • What to do when staff are not performing well at their jobs;
  • how to respond when staff ask for flexible working hours or other changes to their terms and conditions;
  • what their legal obligations are to their staff over maternity leave, paternity leave, shared parental leave, and time off for family emergencies;
  • how to act lawfully and fairly when staff raise grievances about their working conditions or make allegations of harassment or discrimination at work;
  • what they need to do if they want to make people redundant, or change their job roles, terms and conditions, or pay rates.

Using Lawrite services, employers can make sure:

  • all staff have written contracts of employment, or contractor agreements, or director service agreements;
  • they have an employee handbook with all the required HR policies and procedures;
  • they have templates for letters to use when dealing with disciplinary and grievance procedures, performance review, redundancy and dismissals, and other HR issues;
  • they have detailed employment law and health and safety law manuals;
  • they have telephone advice about employment law.

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