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Lawrite subscriptions

Three types of Lawrite subscriptions are available to buy at the Lawrite Lawshop:

  • The Employment Law Documents package – download the Lawrite Employment Law Documents package software (suitable for Windows) for employment law document templates. The Lawrite templates include contracts of employment and staff handbooks with HR policies and procedures, letters to employees, forms and agreements. The package includes detailed employment law and health and safety law guide manuals (pdf) and regular newsletters. The annual subscription includes updates to the templates and guides. Free technical support via e-mail.
  • The Employment Law Service – you get the documents package software download, as above, and also unlimited access to the Lawrite Legal Advice Line for telephone legal advice from our team of lawyers about employment law problems. The legal advice line operates on a callback basis during business hours within the UK.
  • Professional Subscriptions – Lawrite professional subscriptions are for lawyers, accountants, HR professionals and other business advisers who want a licence to use the proven Lawrite templates as precedents to produce documents for their own clients.

Lawrite employment law subscriptions last for 12 months and include updates and technical support by e-mail.

Employment Tribunal defence costs and awards - legal expenses insurance

Lawrite Employment Law Plus adds to the Employment Law Service legal expenses insurance to protect your business from Employment Tribunal defence costs and awards. Employment Law Plus cannot be purchased through the Lawshop shopping cart as you need to provide us with some additional information and complete and sign a proposal form first, which can usually be done via email. For more information about Employment Law Plus and how to get a quote please see this page: 

Lawrite Employment Law Plus.

Legal Advice Line

Calls to the Lawrite Legal Advice Line are dealt with by a team of working employment lawyers, not a call centre.

Find out more about the Lawrite Legal Advice Line here.

Technical Support

All subscribers get unlimited technical support by email - if you have any questions about how to use or change the template documents in the package, or if there is something you don't understand in the guidance we will help you.

News and updates

Subscribers will see news and updates pages within the software package where they have access to monthly copies of our Employers' News briefing (pdf download) about employment law, HR and health and safety issues, and interim legal updates when they are released. The entire package is updated twice a year (April and October) and subscribers are notified when the updates are available to download.

Licence agreement and pricing

Subscriptions include the customer's licence to use the software templates and documents produced from them, and are therefore priced according to the number of employees working for the customer. 

Each annual subscription includes a single user licence for use on one computer concurrently. The customer is licensed to use the Lawrite templates during the term of the subscription to produce documents for use in relation to the customer's own employees, directors or contractors only. It must not be used to produce documents for third parties. If you want to use the Lawrite templates as precedents to produce documents for third parties you must purchase a Professional subscription.

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT, which will be added during the payment process.

Once you have made your payment you will be sent two e-mail messages, one confirming the purchase, and one with the download link and your serial number for the Employment Law Software, and, for those purchasing a subscription to the Employment Law Service, a copy of our advice line notes with all the information you need to start using the legal advice line. 

Customer testimonials

See customer testimonials here

HR, employment law and your business

Our free pdf e-book “HR, employment law and your business” explains exactly what your employment law and health and safety obligations are as an employer, and why having the right HR policies and procedures in place can make your business more efficient and improve productivity, not to mention freeing up the management time spend dealing with disputes and grievances that could often have been avoided.

Download a copy here.

Lawrite HR and management consultancy

If you want a higher level of legal and HR support for your business, that can be provided by Lawrite HR, our associated HR and management consultancy. 

For example, the Managed HR service gives you a bespoke employment contract for each employee, and employee handbooks specifically drafted to suit your business, all prepared for you by an employment lawyer. Managed HR clients get one to one support from a named lawyer or consultant to deal with HR and legal issues as they occur.  

Find out more about Lawrite HR here: